Novinky — 01. May 2021

Hyperbaric chamber

A unique novelty in our St. Joseph's Spa.


How hyperbaric oxygen works

While in the hyperbaric chamber, the patient breathes pure medicinal oxygen, which slowly dissolves in the blood plasma. As the pressure in the chamber increases, the amount of dissolved oxygen in the plasma increases. Thus, in a hyperbaric chamber, the oxygen in the patient's body is carried not only by the red blood cells but also by the blood plasma.


More oxygen means more energy for your body

In hyperbaric oxygen therapy, purified oxygen is inhaled under high atmospheric conditions. It works according to a very simple and natural physical law: the higher pressure allows more gas to dissolve easily in the fluids, which increases the concentration of oxygen in the body and alleviates the effects of oxygen deficiency.

What does the hyperbaric chamber treat?

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy can be given to any patient regardless of age. Based on the individual health condition of the client, treatment in the oxygen chamber is indicated by our doctor. Regular sessions in the hyperbaric chamber protect against the development of heart attacks, strokes and acute respiratory diseases.

Chronic respiratory disease

Postcovid syndrome

Learning disabilities

Conditions after invasive vascular procedures

Brain damage from lack of oxygen

Gas embolism

Supports the immune system

Digestive tract disorders



Diabetic wounds

Carbon monoxide poisoning and smoke poisoning

Fatigue syndrome

Ischaemic diseases of the lower limbs

Multiple sclerosis

Postoperative wound healing

Cerebral palsy

Conditions after cerebrovascular accidents


When other treatments are not enough

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy has received a lot of attention in the world in recent years. Its use is often indicated in cases where other therapeutic methods have failed. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a treatment method that often improves the serious health of patients surprisingly quickly.