Thai Leela

The perfect execution of a traditional Thai massage is based on the many years of experience of Thai masseuses and their knowledge of energy pathways in the body. Our masseuses combine all this knowledge and skill and will give you a massage whose beneficial effects will be felt almost immediately.

thai leela

A journey to Thailand and back

Thai massage is an effective means for the treatment of both muscle problems and chronic diseases. It is based on the release of energy pathways in the body and consists of applying pressure to acupressure points, muscles and tendons in combination with non-violent stretching of the limbs and spine. The masseuse, using not only the palms and fingers during the massage, but also the forearms, elbows, feet and knees, will gradually relieve your body of tension and thus ensure the harmonious alignment of all its parts.


Thai massages

We offer back, face, foot as well as full body massages. All you have to do is choose the massage that most appeals to you. Find a sample of what we offer below:

herbal massage

Thai herbal massage

Ancient revitalizing Thai massage using linen bags filled with mixtures of herbs that are put on the body after being warmed in steam. (90 min.)


Classic Thai massage

A set of masterful techniques in which the tension and pain of muscles, tendons and joints is released by means of manipulation exercises and acupressure on the energy points of the body. (60 min./ 90 min.)


Thai foot massage

Massage of the feet and lower parts of legs using acupressure techniques according to the theories of Chinese medicine. Very relaxing technique for removing leg heaviness and tiredness, and also for releasing back and neck spine blockages. (30 min. / 60 min.)

back massage

Dark side of Moon

This combination of massage techniques is aimed at removing both occasional and chronic pains in parts of the back. With the use of relaxing ointments of menthol and camphor blocks and tension in the whole area of the back, neck and shoulders are removed. (60 min.)


Aromatic oil massage

Thai massage using aromatic oil, intended for all muscle parts of the body. Your body will be massaged from the toes to neck muscles. This therapy is the closest to a standard European massage. (60 min.)


Sports massage

The massage is suitable after a sports performance or as a preparation before a sports performance. This is a total massage for good fitness. By rubbing and kneading, it contributes to the flushing out of negative substances, blood circulation to the skin and subcutaneous tissue, and continues to work with the muscles and around the joints for final relaxation and a feeling of calm. (60 min.)

Classical thai massage + thai foot massage

Thai tasting

Thai tasting combines Classic Thai massage (30 min.) and Thai foot massage (30 min.)